We save our clients an average of 7 hours of office time per debtor, increase profits by an average of 46%, and reduce debtor calls to the law firm by up to 75%!

Some additional benefits of using us are listed below:

    • With the changes in the see here new bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy check this link right here now petition is no longer a data entry job. Instead, the bankruptcy petition is now at the heart of any bankruptcy practice. Therefore, drafting a highly detailed bankruptcy petition is a high-level skill that now requires professional skills that we provides via our virtual bankruptcy assistant services.

    • Attorneys are learning that bk outsourcing to professional bankruptcy assistants is an integral part of their law firm that saves them countless hours of time.
    • Some attorneys turn away bankruptcy cases every day due to the changes in the new bankruptcy law. With bankruptcy forms processing by us, you no longer have to turn away bankruptcy clients, because we streamline the process for you.
    • When outsourcing your bankruptcy petitions preparation to us and having us take over the associated tasks, you have more time to grow and expand your practice.
    • Because of the internet, it doesn’t matter where your bankruptcy assistant is located. All communication is electronic, you are not limited to hiring from the local work force, and can use the professional bankruptcy forms processing service of us.
    • We know that not everything can be accomplished between 9:00am and 5:00pm.  As such, we work on preparing bankruptcy petitions even outside of normal business hours, and we are easy to contact by phone or email.
    • Keep your money in your hand. You don’t pay us until after the bankruptcy petition has been completed to your satisfaction. Employee prepared bankruptcy petitions do not provide this luxury.
    • Unlike with employees, you do not pay us for non-productive time. we typically charge a flat fee for a particular job, and you will always know your costs up front; there are no hidden costs.

  • Utilizing bankruptcy forms processing service, debtor bankruptcy attorneys can increase profits of their current hourly fee by up to 400%!!! (Reference: How to Increase Profits for Your Law Firm, ISBN: 0976159198).
  • We specialize in bankruptcy forms processing, which is why the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions we prepare are highly professional, detailed, and accurate.
  • Because the virtual bankruptcy assistants of us work remotely, rather than inside your law firm, interruptions are removed and greater focus and attention can be given to the bankruptcy petitions we prepare for you, resulting in a higher level of detail, saving you thousands of dollars, as well as mistakes that could grow into huge problems!
  • We never leave your side, and are as close as your office or laptop computer, regardless of where you are located in the world! This isn’t usually the case with in-house employees, who only want to work from 9:00 – 5:00.
  • We help your staff prevent “desk overload.” We aide in the reduction of workload for your paralegals and other law office personnel.
  • Use us as your “first line” for incoming debtor phone calls, and get more work done with fewer interruptions.
  • Unlike a salaried employee, if you are not happy with the services we provide, you don’t pay us. This will immediately reduce problems for law firms that have internal employee issues.
  • You pay us just like any other service provider or contractor. We never share fees and we work under your sole discretion, just like your office staff.
  • Hiring us helps to eliminate office gossip that is common with salaried employees and costs your law firm money.
  • We keep backups of client’s work. After the job is complete, you can request a CD-ROM be mailed to you, or just have us keep your data backed up in our office, in case your computers fail.
  • Most paralegals are amazed with how we relieve their heavy workload. In fact, our bankruptcy processing does not take the place of paralegals and your other office staff; we are providing an excellent support base for the entire law firm.
  • When salaried employees are out of the office on leave, the law firm normally still pays them.  With us, you only pay for work that is completed to your satisfaction.
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